The museum and research center of the Celtic culture. The museum was opened in 2011 by the Hessen office of built heritage conservation ( Landesamt fȕr Denkmalpflege Hessen). It is located at the important place of discovery of a Celtic settlement aged about 5 thousend B.C. In the front of the building you see visitors watching and enjoing at the location.


The works comprise of the following: earthworks, clearing and shrubbing, excavation and embankment. Construction of Sub-ballast, Sub-Base, Base, and surfacing.

Provision of concrete kerbstones, verge galvanized steel standard guard rail.
Bridgeworks include the earthworks and the Abutment, Piers, Decks, and miscellaneous works.

Culverts (Box Culverts and Underpasses), Pipe Culverts, Retaining walls, Drains and Protection works.

Permanent Way (Railway Works) includes but not limited to the supply and installation of Manual switches, ballast material, concrete sleepers, flange grove, welded track and various components, sundry works like metallic stakes,
Supply and erection of buffer stops, stabling limit signs, kilometer posts, and Hectometric posts. Supply and install precast railway crossing slabs, slope change posts, railway signboards, and demarcation posts.


Client: Kuler Themes
Location: Mountain View CA 94043
Surface Area: 450,000 m2
Completed: 2014
Value: $250.000
Architect: Jason & Perry